Festivals and Fun

Here’s a quick update before our week off work! Since our last post we’ve managed to open bank accounts – only 4 branch visits required! met some really nice people, been to several great free events and enjoyed an opera and a ballet!


Events wise we went to a music festival called Shake that Hill which was fun, we got a little lost finding but enjoyed the music, lots of Bulgarian hip hop and rap which really got the (young) crowd going. Shortly after that was Beerfest which we found a bit more to our taste literally, lots of different beers to try and some awesome barbecue plus music from a Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band. Also this weekend is Kapanafest, we went last night and caught a bit of music and enjoyed a couple of cocktails, we now know we like Aperol Spritzes!


We really enjoyed the opera, we saw La Triviata at the Ancient Theatre, we had good seats for this so we really got into it, our seats for Swan Lake weren’t as good unfortunately, it really made a difference as lots of people around us were talking, taking pictures and videos with the flash on and moving around a lot, still it was a new experience and we learned that we need to pay a little extra for decent seats in the future!

The Opera

We’ve now met most of our neighbours, our next door neighbours very kindly brought us a plate of pancakes to welcome us which was really sweet and we met our downstairs neighbours on a slightly different note as our bathroom was leaking into theirs! Luckily it was a simple fix and they were very nice about it.


Apartment wise we’ve had a couple of issues with the electrics, twice light bulbs blew the fuses not only in the apartment but in the downstairs breaker that only the electric company has access to meaning no power for around an hour each time, luckily it wasn’t in working hours but we erred on the safe side and replaced all of the cheapo bulbs with decent LED ones to hopefully minimise the risk of it happening again. We’ve safely negotiated getting the water meters read and paying the caretaker lady for the building using our limited Bulgarian skills – we are improving though! – and should hopefully have our residency applications sorted soon.


The weather has changed a lot in the last few days, autumn arrived overnight which means our swallows have left us :(. They were getting a little cheeky though and we had to start drawing the blinds as they’d flown in and circled the living room a couple of times!


We have next week off so are heading to Bansko tomorrow for some pampering and maybe some hiking depending on the weather and our energy levels, either way we’re looking forward to exploring a little more of the country.


Catch you later!


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