Moved In

We’ve been in our apartment for two weeks now and are really enjoying life in Plovdiv! 

One of the first things we wanted to do was to sort out our outside areas, it’s exciting to have a lot of usable space. We managed to get some nice stuff from Jysk, so we have a nice table and chair set, a parasol and Sharlie has a sunlounger! It’s still too hot to be outside during the day but it’s been nice to have breakfast and dinner al fresco.

Work wise things work well, Sharlie has half of the bedroom as her office and I work from the spare room, the internet is superfast and the only hairy moment we had was when our downstairs neighbours started drilling in the middle of a class, thankfully it stopped pretty quickly.


Pretty good!

We’ve already started Bulgarian classes and will be going twice a week from next week so we’re trying our best to get our heads around the cyrillic alphabet, it’s taking a bit of getting used to, some of the letters are completely new and some that look familiar have very different sounds, I’m sure we’ll get there, we’re managing to get by with the bit of language we have but it will be nice to interact a little better. Everyone we’ve met has been really nice, our Airbnb host Stan even helped us move our stuff and collect the bigger items from Jysk, thank you Stan!


The alphabet 001

Easy peasy!


We’ve been trying some new places to eat so there are plenty of food pictures, there’s a fish place we’ve been to a couple of times around the corner and a nice place called Joanna that’s becoming a favourite. We’ve also realized how amazing the ice cream and so have been sampling it whenever we can! We have a list of places we want to try to so we’re going to work our way through that and can bore you with more food pictures next time no doubt!

That’s about it for now, we have a couple of events coming up that we’re looking forward to, we’re going to our first opera at the end of the month, La Triviata and the following week there’s a night out arranged for other English speakers, locals and foreigners, that should be fun. Catch you next time!


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