One Year On…..

Amazingly it’s been just over a year since our last post so we thought a mini relaunch of the blog was called for. Since leaving Seville we’ve enjoyed a fabulous summer in Bryher on the Isles of Scilly, had a failed move to Vietnam, found awesome online teaching jobs and spent some time back in the UK deciding where to go next.

Summer on the Scilly Isles was amazing, we met some fantastic people who made us feel very welcome and had some great experiences. We helped out on a herb farm and fudge kitchen which was very interesting, we got to do a lot of new things such as looking after chickens, repainting a traditional red phone box and learning about different herbs and vegetables.

In our free time we explored Bryher and some of the other islands, they really are uniquely beautiful with Caribbean style clear waters but unfortunately Atlantic style temperatures!  We really enjoyed cooking with lots of fresh ingredients from the farm and local community and sharlie even got to do some baking for the village fete, her wares went down a treat!

We had some great experiences that will stay with us such as watching the perseids meteor shower on a lovely clear night, being very excited to see the Red Arrows with the whole of Bryher but not seeing a thing due to the cloud cover!, foraging for shrimps and cockles and other seafood delights and sitting around a campfire with the beach to ourselves – magical memories that we will treasure.  

After Bryher our plan was to move to Vietnam and get awesome teaching jobs, it didn’t quite go as we’d imagined. The work we were offered tended to be a few hours here and there in different centres and it wasn’t really what we wanted to be doing, we could have stuck at it but we really weren’t having a nice time so decided to head back to the UK to regroup.

A positive thing to come out of the trip was that while there we’d applied to teach online with a Chinese company called Landi and once in the UK secured jobs which turned out to have had a big impact on our next move.

In the UK were lucky enough to have a supportive family who let us impose and make lots of noise while working (sorry again!). We spent several months in lovely Newquay so got have lots of walks by the sea and enjoy the decent (by UK standards) weather.

That brings us up to date, we’re writing this in our new (hopefully) long term home in Plovdiv in Bulgaria! We’ll post again soon (yes, really) with more info on this amazing city but for now here’s a pile of pictures from the last year.


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