Almost a Year in Seville

It’s been a long time since our last post, in that time we’ve been living and teaching in Seville, Spain which turned out to be a great decision!

We’d decided that Spain would be our next destination due to the amount of teaching English work available and wanted to be a little closer to home, our choices were either Valencia or Seville and after a good deal of research (and YouTube videos) we went with Seville!

We arrived during a heat wave and were greeted with 45 degree temperatures off the plane, walking to our Airbnb was not fun! Finding work was relatively painless, we didn’t have anything lined up before hand but within a week had several interviews and three job offers, we decided to accept at Centro de Idiomas Macarena as it was the only school that interviewed us separately and checked our qualifications and references and the school premises we’re nice.

We taught a range of ages from young learners through to adults and got some valuable experience in exam preparation as well as lots of advice and development opportunities from colleagues and management and of course made some lovely new friends.

Finding somewhere to live was slightly trickier, we spent a couple of weeks in Airbnbs which was a bit pricey before finding our apartment in the Feria part of the city. A colleague kindly helped us after we found a poster advertising an apartment and we viewed and decided to take it within an hour! It was a nice little place in a good location near plenty of places to eat and bars, the downside the bedroom faced the road so we got some traffic noise but soon got used to it.

Seville is a great place to live, the city is very walkable, although not so much in the summer, and has excellent public transport systems with buses, trams and underground and our favourite the Sevici bike rental scheme. We used the bikes most days for work and leisure, Seville has an extensive cycle lane system, most separated from traffic so it feels safe plus it’s a really flat city so no hills!

We quickly got used to the Sevillano way of doing things, out for a delicious breakfast (and sometimes a second breakfast) ice cold beers and a variety of delicious tapa meals to share. A word on tapas as being from the UK you’re led to believe that these are small plates of food – not true! We were often surprised at the portion sizes and had more than one panic thinking we’d been served the wrong size! We are out a lot and could enjoy several plates plus beer for less than €20, our favourites would have to be anything seafood – prawns especially and pork dishes such as carrillada iberica (cheek) and lagartito (belly). We also discovered tinto de verano, a refreshing drink of red wine topped with lemonade and developed a taste for the local cruzcampo beer usually available for around €1.20 a glass.

We were fortunate that our place was opposite an excellent place to eat, Bar Ambigu and a fab breakfast bar Cafe Bar La Tostaita Veloz, so we could be sitting at a table within 2 minutes of our door, fabulous!

We got to experience several of the cities cultural events, Semana Santa (holy week), Feria and at Christmas time the Three Kings parade. Semana Santa parades passed our apartment so we had excellent views of the floats and traditional gowns and at Feria we were lucky enough to be invited to a local caseta (the marquees) by our friend Isa which gave us a really authentic experience.

We spent Christmas in Albufeira in Portugal, we stayed in a nice hotel but should have done more research as it was a lot more Brits abroad than we were expecting with sports bars serving cheap pints and fish and chips everywhere but the beaches were beautiful and we managed to find an alright curry!

So that’s our time in Seville in a very small nutshell, we decided to move on as we need to be able to save a bit more in the future so are heading to Hanoi in Vietnam later this year after a summer on the Isles of Scilly – more in a later post.

PS Our first blog on Travelpod was closed down but we’ve been able to move the posts over to here but minus the photos at the mo hence the series of older posts that have appeared.

5 thoughts on “Almost a Year in Seville

    • Hi Bárbara! Of course we remember you! We really enjoyed living in Spain, it’s a beautiful country. Are you still travelling?

  1. Hi Ed¡, I’m Concha. I was a english student in Centro Idiomas Macarena. Are you good in your new city? In Sevilla now is october but the weather is hot¡¡¡ it’s horrible¡¡¡ I don’t study english now, this year i’m very tired and lazy. I have a lot of work. Only I go to the gym, cinema, walk and speak whit my friends. On sunday I went on the mountaintop and I have stiffness¡¡
    I hope you are fine¡¡
    regards and see you soon¡¡ Bye¡¡¡¡¡

    • Hi Concha! Nice to hear from you, you deserve so e time off after working so hard! Vietnam wasn’t as good as we hoped so are back in the UK before deciding where to go next, it’s definitely colder than Seville!

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