The gaps between these posts are getting longer! Since our last update a little while ago we’ve moved into our own little place and have settled in well at work and are still enjoying teaching hooray!

Apartment wise our place is walking distance to school but we now have snazzy bikes to get ourselves around so it only takes a few minutes to get there, we’re close to the market and local bakery which means we can get fresh food as we need it.

Our rent is reasonable only $180 a month and we have a separate living room and bedroom which many places around here don’t plus as we’re at the end of the building we have balcony all the way around so we have some private outdoor space which is nice.

We’re in quite a local neighbourhood and it’s fun trying to speak Khmer, most of the time we just get laughed at but we can generally make ourselves understood at the little local shop which is handy as they sell beer!

Having the bikes has really helped us to explore the area although we have to be extra careful as the traffic here is a bit mad, you have to look in every direction just in case there’s a crazy person on a motorbike.

We’ve been out out for some nice food at quite a few different places including a really nice Chinese hot pot restaurant and an all you can eat barbecue place and we do enjoy a Sunday lunch most weeks, we’ve got our favorite places that we like but what we like about Sihanoukville is that that’s always somewhere different to try.

We have a couple of weeks off soon for end of term but we haven’t decided whether to stay here and enjoy the local beaches or head out to Kep or Kampot for a change of scenery, either way we are looking forward to taking it easy for a fortnight.

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