Working hard in Bangkok then takin’ it easy in Cambodia….for a bit.

It’s been far too long since our last entry but in our defence, for some of that time, we were actually doing stuff!

All of our July was spent in Bangkok taking the CELTA qualification at International House, it was probably the most stressful, intense, sweat-inducing but thoroughly enjoyable 4 weeks of our lives!

We met lots of really nice people on the course, both fellow trainees and the students we taught (from day 2 of the course – in at the deep end!). The pass you have to complete 6 hours of teaching practice and pass 4 written assignments and we’re happy to say we both passed – yay!

The plan is then to hopefully get a job teaching somewhere and start earning money again rather than spending – skip to the end to find out if we manage it!

Once the course was over we headed back to our spiritual home in Cambodia, Sihanoukville for some well earned chill out time and that’s where we are now, we are looking after our friends’ house and lovely pets, 2 cats and a dog. It’s nice to back on the coast even though it’s rainy season, catching up with our friends (and the dogs) here has been great.

It’s really nice to have a bit of space to ourselves and the use of a proper cooker – with an oven! We’ve had some interesting visitors since we got here (coming up to a month ago) 2 huge black scorpions and 2 venomous millipedes and we’ve learned to check our shoes before putting them on after finding a frog in one!

We try to do most of our food shopping at the local market which is an experience, it’s hot and humid and packed but you can get some good bargains, the veg is really cheap as is the meat, it takes a bit of getting used to seeing it all out on the counters though, we also learned to wear shoes rather than flip flops so you don’t get fish scales/suspicious fluids/meat bits on your feet!

Job wise we’ve managed to snag ourselves a job each here in Sihanoukville teaching English to young learners at one of the local language schools – it’s fun but tiring! All being well we should have our own place to call home for a while soon!

Apologies for the delay and the sparseness of this entry hopefully next time we’ll have somewhere new to live to show you.


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