Secret Garden Shenanigans

We’ve been back at the Secret Garden a month now – sorry for the lack of updates. Work wise its a lot quieter than it was over Christmas although we had a busy few days over Chinese New Year when there was a lot of expat guests down from Phnom Penh, China and Singapore and other far flung places – even some Welsh people! Weather wise it’s hotter than it has been and getting warmer, the night time low is currently around 26 degrees so pretty sweaty!

In the time we’ve been back we’ve had 2 birthdays complete with traditional cake fight (such a waste of cake!) , we’ve helped arrange one wedding at the restaurant and attended another on nearby Koh Ta Kiev,  there’s been a quiz night win and an epic karaoke session at our first experience of a KTV club, we also experienced phosphorescent plankton in the night time sea – we ended up in the water at Sarry’s party for a massive water fight – it looked like shooting stars in the water, very pretty and one of those things you know you’ll remember, that’s what we’ll take away when we do (eventually) leave – plenty of amazing memories.

Without further ado – pictures! (apologies for the lack of descriptions, think you’ll get the jist)

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