Kampot was a nice change of scenery for us, instead of the beach we had a lovely riverfront area with plenty of restaurants explore.

It was a bit of a shock to the system having to pay for things again, not sure we like it!

Kampot is not an expensive place though, we stayed 5 nights altogether at paces of varying quality but all for the princely sum of 8 dollars per night.

Here’s a quick summary:

We spent our first 3 nights at Captain Chimm’s Guesthouse which was ok, the first room they offered us overlooked reception so we asked to change and got what we thought was a nice quiet room at the  back, unfortunately, our first night coincided with a local wedding across the road which meant music and karaoke singing so loud it shook the walls! It stopped relatively early but we were woken but building work next door at 7 am the next day and every morning for the rest of our stay which was annoying to say the least as we’d come to Kampot to relax.

From Chimm’s we headed to a resort called Bohemiaz a few kilometers outside the town which also had budget rooms for 8 dollars which seemed a good deal, it looked really nice and had a pool but we were pretty disappointed when we checked in, the budget rooms were at an old resort down the road from the main place immediately opposite a pool hall so first impressions weren’t great.

It  wasn’t much better inside, the front door didn’t fit the frame very well so had big gaps, the mattress was about an inch thick and the bathroom plumbing was shoddy – the basin drained directly onto the floor! We’re not prima donnas and we’ve stayed at some worse places in the past but his was more disappointing as it was such a surprise.

The resort itself was nice enough, the pool was big and very deep but as it was naturally filtered it was quite murky , the staff were nice too but after an uncomfortable nights sleep we decided to forego the second night and head back into town which turned out to be a good call as there was a power cut n the morning which we found out lasted well into the evening.

The last place we stayed was the best, a guesthouse call Rong Reung near Chimm’s, our room was bright and airy with 2 windows which let in a lovely breeze, rooftop views and best of all no construction work!

Food food food!

Kampot has loads of good places to eat, we tried the freshly made dumplings at Ecran, delicious italian food from a tiny little street restaurant called Ciao and a great dish called a Kampot Burger from Wunderbar – a pork fillet burger with pickles and coleslaw – amongst lots of others. It was nice to find plenty of bakeries too and we had some delicious banana cream pie from the Ice Cream and Pie Palace and a lovely slice of lime pie from Sisters 2.

Apart from eating we did do some other stuff believe it or not, we took a sunset cruise on the river on our second day, we spent a relaxing couple of hours on the Flying Dragon (5 dollars each with a beer!), the scenery around the river was beautiful.

We also took a trip to Bokor Hill Station which is in Bokor National Park on a mountain top, we saw the ruined remains of some old royal residences as well as an old hotel, casino and church, it was eerie wandering around the old buildings that would have once been so regal and glamorous but are now just shells.

One thing that wasn’t a shell was the bloody huuuuge casino and resort that’s been built up there, it looks a bit out of place to say the least and it’s difficult to see how it will make money, they are counting on the Chinese coming to gamble and there’s talk of forming a deep water port nearby to attract cruise passengers, it will need something like that as it’s not easy to get to.

After exploring the mountain top we had a simple lunch of fried rice and veg at the waterfall which in dry season should just be called some boulders in a shallow stream then dozed on the hour long journey back down.

We really liked Kampot, it’s not too big so you can comfortably walk around the main areas, it has some lovely architecture and there’s nearly always a happy hour available somewhere!

We’re heading to Kep next for what should be the relaxing  Bohemiaz wasn’t, we’ve splashed out on a new resort with a lovely looking pool that we’ve heard is very nice – we’ll let you know how we get on soon.

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