A Farewell to Otres 2

After 6 weeks of hard work and demanding guests but having made lots of new friends we said a sad goodbye to The Secret Garden family.

At times it was exhausting (Christmas Day) at others frustrating but overall it was a fantastic experience which I’m sure neither of us will forget thanks to the staff who made us so welcome and made our time there so much fun.

Highlights would have to be:

Spending new year on the beach letting of hand held fireworks (only in Cambodia!) and lanterns and sharing beers with the local staff and their friends while listening to the inimitable Pitbull.

Our doggy best friends Stinky, Kaijo and Adolph who went from not being bothered that we were there to best friends forever and took to following us back to our room despite the territorial ruckus it caused for several nights.

Seeing a lovely sunset every day and a moon rainbow (moonbow) which was a new one for both of us!

The nights when we got to stay in the resort rooms complete with air con, a big comfy bed and best of all a hot shower!

All the great food and drinks we enjoyed mostly without having to use any of our travel funds – free beer tastes even better.

Getting to have swim before work and spending days off doing nothing but relaxing on a sun lounger.

Being able to pull a beer now.

The kitchen staff accidentally sending out pancakes with lemon and salt instead of sugar!

There were a few not so good experiences mostly related to the other guests at the place we were staying, we had middle aged Russian guys playing weird techno at all hours, lovely sounding Mancs with chest infections spluttering everywhere who got in at 5.30 am and promptly had a joint and put dance music on ¬†(the partition walls may as well not be there they are that thin and don’t reach the ceiling)so we got some tunes and free weed but top prize for annoyance goes to the building site next door where they started work at 7 am every day with the a lovely grinder which made a nice whiny sound for hours on end.

We met some great guests and we have standing invitations to visit a few in Auckland, Bali, Perth and the Mayor of Whistler told us to drop in if we’re ever in the area!I think we may well take some of them up!

It was the staff who really made the difference though and we made some really good friends who we were sad to say goodbye to, to make it even more difficult we were handed a goodbye card full of good wishes on our last day with some really nice sentiments that had Sharlie in tears and not wanting to leave. We may well be back at some point.

We’re heading to Kampot and Kep for a bit of a rest before hopefully finding another place to do a bit of work.

Not too much to report despite the gap in posts as it was mostly working or lazing on the beach, the next entry will be after Kampot where we’ll be doing actual tourist stuff again so should have more to tell – see you later!

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