Koh Jum

The local boat we decided to catch to Koh Phayam has broken down giving us the ideal opportunity to catch up with the blog!

We had a relaxing week on Koh Jum, it’s a quiet island with not much to do in the day apart from lounge on the beach or explore a bit and chill in the evening with a beer or two – so that’s what we did!

We got there the cheapskate way by local bus and longtail boat – it took longer but was half the cost of the big ferry direct from Krabi – it was more interesting too as we got to share the boat with a massive pile of eggs and building materials.

We had planned to stay at a little place called Bo Daeng, it was really cheap at 300 baht a night but simple – no fan, improvised shower made from a bottle and electricity only in the evenings – and we fully intended to stay there until we saw the place next door, Andaman Resort, had rooms at 350 with electricity, a fan and wifi so I’m ashamed to sya we upped sticks and stayed there instead.

A couple we’d met at Dawn of Happiness, Yusuf and Keithan were also on the island so we met them for drinks and some food at the place they were staying, Golden Pearl, to be honest it was more our scene than our place with a cool beach bar and tables out in the gardens, our place was ok but the restaurant area was a bit sterile – a bit like a huge cafeteria. It was good to see them again and to hear their honest opinion of Dawn of Happiness.

We’d been to the island back in 2010 on our first trip to Thailand and we were glad to see it hasn’t changed too much, the main road is now sealed and the village a little bigger but the feel of the place is still very much as relaxed as it was.

Weather wise it was not good – it rained at some point during every day we were there apart from the last ironically, mostly it would start in the afternoon so we had some time in the mornings to hit the beach or do some snorkelling.

We managed to rent a couple of bikes from the village so with our new found transportational freedom we were able to visit the village a few times for lunch and supplies and head back to an isolated little place called Magic Beach which we found last time.

The bikes got us most of the way there before the road gave way to a bumpy stone track that woyld have rattled them to bits, so we parked up and walked the last few hundred metres watched suspicoulsy by a monkey up in the trees that lined one side of the road.

As before we had the beach to ourselves and the tide was in our favour so we got to enjoy a well deserved dip just before it started raining, it was only a shower but we could hear and see it coming then pass over us, the sound was magical and is something that will stay with us I’m sure.

If only all the rain fell in pleasant little showers – most afternoons it would be a terrific thunderstorm with some deafening thunder and on one day it rained non stop through the day and most of the night flooding the paths around our place leading to some et toes and making the unsealed roads pretty treacherous. so we had to sit that out at our resort, we got to catch up with some reading and watch a crap movie or two on the tablet.

Food wise we enjoyed some lovely meals, being an island there are lots of fresh fish dishes on most menus so we made the most of it, our favourite was anything with barracuda – it’s a really meaty fish – ut we also had some delicious hot and spicy tom yum with seafood and some delcious prawn fishcakes amongst other delights – the grilled cuttlefish is not included in the delights category due to the black sludge I found in the middle after a few bites.  we tried some new snacks on our bike explorations too – delicious fried sweet potato and banana coated in a chewy batter, delicious and cheap.

That’s our week in a nutshell more or less – beach – rain – food – beer –  a nice way to chill out after a couple of weeks’ actually doing stuff.

We have another week of relaxation coming up on Koh Phayam only a short boat ride, short bus journey, long bus journey,motorbike taxi and night in Ranong away (it took 12 hours all in – hope it’s worth it!)

We’ve got out next workaway place sorted too – we’re spending Christmas in Cambodia!

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