Dawn of Happiness Update

Our 2 weeks at Dawn of Happiness has flown by in a whirl of fried eggs, cocktails and beach sweepings! We’ve learned some new skills, enjoyed some fantastic food and best of all met some genuinely lovely people who will hopefully see again and keep in contact with.

Work wise we’ve mostly been keeping the beach and paths clear of leaves and helping out in the restaurant making breakfasts and helping maintain some order/in the chaos when it’s been busy.Sharlie got to use her fantastic organisational skills checking guests in and out and booking trips and taxis for guests which made for some entertaining phone calls!

Skills wise we can now make a mean mojito and tequila sunrise and the staple of travellers in the area – banana pancakes! It took a few attempts to nail it but on the last try we cracked it, we can also make great fried eggs!

Sharlie ended up more or less running the kitchen making sure orders went out in the right order, keeping track of bills and even helping set up a better system for keeping things tidy, it was really good to be able to help the lovely kitchen staff out but it meant we ended up doing loads more hours than scheduled a couple of times which is fine but not sustainable long term so we’re probably leaving at the right time, we’re currently staying in a bungalow room – which incidentally has a bees nest the wall which is only being held back by some duct tape we stuck over the holes-  which is needed for paying guests so we are heading off the Koh Jum for a bit of a beach break.

We also helped the guys out with changing some of the menu dishes and implementing a specials board and giving advice on thing like not serving mayo with fruit salad!

We really enjoyed working in the kitchen with Nam the cook and her mum Porn, they cooked us some great food some of which tested the range of our taste buds a little but it was great to try some traditional thai food that you wouldn’t normally get on the menu.

We met lots of interesting people from across the world too including the lady from Sweden who ordered pad thai but without most of the veg or meat or spice – basically pad thai with no thai who also cried in the morning when we ran out of toast!

The vast majority of guest were a friendly lot, we met people from across Europe, Japan – these guys treated us to a feast of food and Mexico, it puts our language skills to shame when we meet folks from across the world who speak decent English as well as 1 or 2 other languages.

We were joined on our second week by another workawayer but in the interests of maintaining positivity we’ll just say we obviously have different ideas of what constitutes work.

We didn’t have too much time off but we spent lazy afternoons lazing on the beach and on a day off we took a longtail over to Railay beach about 10 minutes away. The beach at Phra Nang was beautiful if a bit busy, we loved the restaurant boats that served up tasty food and shakes but we weren’t too keen on the cheeky monkeys who prowled the tree line snatching dinks and corn off unsuspecting diners!

On our last afternoon in the area we visited Morn, Nam’s aunt, at her restaurant where we were treated to a delicious and huge pad thai at her restaurant, Parichat – highly recommended if you are in the area! She’s a very nice person and we hope to visit her and her family again in the future.

It’s been good to see that we can turn our hands to other types of work and has given us confidence that we can do this type of work and make a success of it.

We’re not too sure of where to go or what to do after our trip to Jum, it will either be another workaway in this area or head down to Malaysia but we’ll keep you posted!

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