Quick Stop in Bangkok

We spent a couple of nights in Bangkok before catching the night train to Surat Thani on our way to Ao Nammao in Krabi.

We stayed near the station at a hostel called Loftel 22 just outside Chinatown, we’ve only stayed in and around Khao San before so it was nice to be somewhere different. We had a private room which was teeny but nice and there was a cool little rooftop area to sit and enjoy a drink and a little seating area outside where we met a Dutch expat called Jean who seemed to wile away the hours drinking cans of Chang and smoking while his Thai girlfriend worked inside – he was about 70 and told us he lived there for most of the year then went to Germany to work the Christmas markets to earn more dosh to come back – he was sat in his seat each and every time we went out or came back can in hand!

After checking in and getting our bearings we ventured out to find some grub in Chinatown which was a 10 minute stroll away – we ignored the tuk tuk driver who told it was closed – it was really busy with lots of restaurants with a lot specialising in seafood and shark fin. We settled on a seafood place  had ourselves a feast of giant prawns, mussels, curry and rice washed down with a couple of beers.

Something we couldn’t do in previous visits to Bangkok was get to the public transport system easily as it doesn’t cover the whole city – not this time though! Our place was a short stroll to the main train station as well as the subway so we got to explore on the cheap. We love hitting the malls when in Bangkok if for nothing else than a good feed and a visit to the cinema so it was good to be able to get ourselves there and back using the subway and skytrain systems plus it’s really good value – a trip on the subway cost us 18 baht (around 35p) each way and the skytrain slightly more at 25 baht each way, both systems run every few minutes and are fully air conditioned so you get to travel in comfort.

We visited a few malls, MBK, Siam Paragon and Discovery but MBK is still our favourite, the others are a bit pricey – a bit like walking around a massive Debenhams whereas MBK is more Primark plus has a great food court.

So after a couple of days whizzing around the city and eating great seafood we boarded the night train bound for Surat Thani, we couldn’t get a lower and upper berth together this time so had to settle for upper berths opposite each other which was fun, the journey itself was fine, they don’t turn the light off though so it’s a bit light but the carriages are cool and we both managed a decent nights sleep.

We have another workaway place lined up in Ao Nammao just outside Ao Nang, we’ll be helping out getting things ready for high season, we’ve been to the area before but in low season and it didn’t stop raining – here’s hoping this time the sun will have his hat on.

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