Ao Nammao so far

We’ve been at our new workaway host Dawn of Happiness in Ao Nammao for a few days now and are really enjoying the experience.

So far we have been keeping the beach area and the walkways between the bungalows tidy and free of leaves and roots, helping out in the restaurant area by taking orders and serving drinks and painted a house that they will be renting out soon. It’s different everyday and you can never be sure if the cook/will be here or if there’s enough stuff in case it gets busy but that’s part of the charm of the place.

We’re staying in one of the bungalows and get to eat at the restaurant, Junko, our host, and his team prepare a lovely evenikng meal so we’lre getting to try some authentic Thai food, he treated us to a traditional breakfast too of sweet sticky rice with banana, a tapioca like sweet curd and some lovely sweet coconut balls – everything was really sweet but delicious.

We start our day early again at around 7am and are generally done by 11, then if needed we do a bit of work in the evening, we were here for Bonfire night and a local international school held their firework display here which meant we got up close and personal to industrial sized fireworks and were really busy serving drinks and clearing tables (they were mostly brits so we almost ran out of booze!).

We’re located a short local bus ride away from busy Ao Nang but the difference in the resorts is massive, Ao Nammoa has a more rugged jungle feels to it, there are no western places and food is at local prices whereas in Ao Nang you could have a maccies breakfast, Burger King for lunch and KFC for dinner if you were that way inclined oh and everyone wants to either massage you or fit you for a suit.

We’re not sure how long we’ll be here, hopefully a couple of weeks then perhaps a little but of down time on a quiet island.

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