Koh Mak

We spent another 10 days at Ao Kao White Sands, our daily routine was get up early, work, a dip in the sea before lunch then afternoons to ourselves. We had a weekend off so took ourselves on a bicycle tour of the island, it’s not too big so you can get around pretty easily and there are some nice hills to fly down as well as one mega steep one we had to walk up.

We visited a few places on the island including the great views from Koh Mak Vista and delicious food and peaceful surroundings at Bamboo Hideaway. On our travels we also found a bakery that served up fantastic homemade coconut cake served hot with cream mmmmmm.

Halloween arrived while we were there too and we went over to a party at a Banana Sunset where we were “made up” as ghosts with face paint made from baby powder and water and charcoal to varying degrees of scariness but lots of fun – bogof cocktails also helped! Sharlie some how managed to make herself look like a man lol!

Before we knew it though our time on Koh Mak came to end, we really enjoyed getting our hands (and feet and legs and faces) dirty and watching things we’d planted grow a little every day, it really made us think about what we used to get done in our old jobs, there were days when we’d get home and not be able to tell you what we’d done all day, it was really satisfying to be able to look back at a mornings’ work and see the plants that had been potted or a new bamboo structure that we’d erected – each blister told a story.

We also met some great people the other workawayers we were with Markus ( or mega bean as he is now known to us) Lynn,  as well as Paul and Bianca the guys running the project. This was our first workaway project and we’re so pleased we did it , we had doubts that it might not be for us but these were soon dispelled and it got us ready for next one.

It’s a great way to save money and extend your travels but if you were to do it for just that reason you’d be missing the point – Workaway is about the people you meet and the new experiences you have.

Next stop a couple of days in Bangkok before heading for the South.

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