Bangkok Take 2

Our first effort disappeared into the ether so hopefully this one will post correctly.

We arrived rather dehydrated and tired after the flight, it was full and the attendants were really stingy with the drinks even water which nade for an uncomfortable few hours but we popped out the end in Bangkok!

Our hotel was around the corner from the Khao San Road so had pleanty of places to sit and enjoy a beer but wothout so much of the craziness. Generally that’s what we did, eat delicious and cheap street foood and enjoy a Chang or 3 and watch the world go by. We image

managed some sightseeing though and went to Wat Pho wich houses the famous reclining Buddha then hopped on the ferry across the river to Wat Arun which offers some nice views over the city. We got up early to go visit so managed to miss the crowds, people just started arriving in large groups as we left.

One of our other favourite things to do in Bangkok is visit the awesome malls so we spent a day at one of the largest, MBK. It has 7 floors, hundreds of shops selling everything you can imaginel a cinema and a fantastic food court – we ate lunch there and really enjoyed our sahsimi and steamed rolls. While we were there we caught a film, we watched The Babadook, an Australian horror, it was ok but it’s more the experience we enjoy especially the air con and standing up at the start for the King! (of Thailand, not Elvis)

Back at our hotel area we tried some new foods, we shared a scorpion – tasted like the fried frogs- and found a great little place that did really cheap dishes and tried some spicy catfish which was delicious but mainly we enjoyed seriously cold Chang beer while fending off hawkers wanting us to buy amongs other things wooden frogs, spinning tops that play Axel F when they spin and selfie sticks (admission – we did buy one of these but have vowed to use it only when people cant see us as you look a bit of a div)

Weather wise despite it being rainy season just about we’ve been lucky with the weather, we had a few big showers on a couple of evenings but the days have stayed hot and muggy – perfect for a late afternoon dip at the rooftop pool at the hotel.

We have a workaway placement lined up next on Koh Mak which is an island way to the east off the Cambodian mainland, we’ll be helping out at a permaculture project that’s been set up to help grow the resort grow more of it’s own produce, we’re catching an early bus for a ride to Trat 5 hours away then a relaxing ride on the catamaran ferry, after the heat and hustle of the city we’re both really looking forward to seeing a beach!


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