Gili Air – Island Paradise

Gili Air – Island Paradise
Gili Air, Indonesia

Gili Air, Indonesia

We spent a wonderful 6 nights chilling out on Gili Air, we had a lovely bungalow with a day bed and hammock downstairs and a nice big, comfy bed which the staff liked to decorate for us.

Sharlie took her PADI open water cert here,it was hard work but worth it as the dives were amazing, she saw lots of turtles and exotic fish and generally thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

We hired bikes and cycled around the island, it’s not very big so it didn’t take too long although we had to walk them through the sandy bits of the path a few times. It was full moon while we were there which meant a couple of noisy parties but also fantastic views of the moon rising from behind the mountains – awesome.

Evenings where spent downing sundown beers, 2 4 1 cocktails and eating delicious BBQ kebabs and listening to the local guitar strummers, overall we really enjoyed our time on Gili Air, it’s got enough going on to keep us amused and isn’t overly developed like some other islands

Just a short one, check out the pics!

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