Looong trip back to Lombok, Kuta and Gili Nanggu

Looong trip back to Lombok, Kuta and Gili Nanggu
Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok, Indonesia

After a night in Labuan Bajo at the Gardena again we decided to head back to Lombok, the journey was a long one, in the end it took over 26 hours! The first part was a ferry from LB to Sumbawa which took arounbd 6 hours – it wasn’t too bad, nice and sunny and there were comfy seats. From Sumbawa we took a cramped mini bus for 2 hours to Bia before waiting for 2 hours at the bus terminal (they negelcted to tell us about this when we booked!) The bus journey was the longest leg of the trip as we had to travel the entire length of Sumbawa, we travelled overnight til 4 am when we parked up to await our next ferry to Lombok at 6 am – it was a long night!

We finally made it to Lombok and headed south for a few days in Kuta. We bagged a nice bungalow at Puri Rinjani set in lovely gardens – only downside Karakoe jint next door! The beaches at Kuta are amazing, Kuta beach itself is rugged and good for surfing but we hired bikes the next day and found some beautiful deserted beaches of our own, the whole are is earmarked for huge development by a Dubai company so unfortunately it may change for the worse very soon.

After a few days in Kuta we headed for Gili Nanggu (gili means little island) where we were expecting a secluded island paradise – turns out they’re renovating most of the place so it was a bit like staying on a building site, our bungalow was nice and airy though although we only had salt water in the bathroom! The beach there has quite a bit of dead coral on it but the snorkelling just off the beach more than made up for it – it was awesome, we saw a huge variety of fish of all sizes and there was a big drop off not far from the shore – it felt ike we were flying floating over it.

We stayed 2 nights at Nanggu before heading back up the coast to Senggigi for the night before heading for the main Gilis up north, it was good to get back to a bigger town and we enjoyed a great meal before finding a great live band to watch with a few g and ts before bed.

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