Dry Land – Labuan Bajo

Dry Land – Labuan Bajo
Labuanbajo, Indonesia

Labuanbajo, Indonesia

We had the option of staying on the boat for a 4th night at the harbour once we reached Labuan Bajo but we declined and found ourselves in Gardena Hotel, a nice place that overlooks the harbour, after checking in we had our first proper shower for several days and a well earned Bintang.

We checked out a few of the local travel agents to get an idea of what to do next and decided to tour the island and see the 3 lakes at Mount Kelamutu. We managed to find a nice bar with great wi-fi called the Lounge and also got some carbs which we’d been craving, the staff there are really friendly too.

As we’d been travelling for 4 days we decided to spend an extra day in LB to chillout and relax so we spent the next day doing very little apart from eating nice food and updating the blog.

We left the next day for our 4 day 3 night tour to Kelimutu and back – we must be mad!

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