Getting Senggigi with it

Getting Senggigi with it
Senggigi, Indonesia

Senggigi, Indonesia

After being ejected from Singapore and thankfully accepted into Indonesia we arrived in Lombok after a 2.5 hour flight with Silkair which was great, free drinks, white wine even and beer on take off! They even fed us which we weren’t expecting.

Despite getting in the wrong queue at immigration and having to wait an extra 30 mins our visas got us in for 60 days and we treated ourselves to a taxi to Senggigi. a trip whihc took about an hour and a half and cost about £15 so we probably paid over the odds but we paid half the original price plus it was dark at this point so we wanted to get to our hotel.

We stayed at Senggigi Beach Club in their backpacker room which was fine for us, nice bed and a fan plus we had access to a little lounge room with a tv and DVD player all for under £15 per night including breakfast – not bad!

Senggigi itself is quiet, they tried to charge us to access the main beach but we went a different way – ha ha escaped the tourist tax! The beach is pretty and lays in a sheltered bay but there are lots of boats there which makes swimming a bit difficult.

We spent 3 nights in Senggigi and while we were there we arranged out boat trip to Flores with a local company called Kencana and did not much else apart from rest our weary bones after a few days hectic activity in Singapore – ooh and had our first Bintang Beers of many!

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