Singapore, Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

Getting into Singapore didn’t go quite as we expected, we booked a coach and all went well, we were checked out of Malaysia without a hitch then hopped back on the coach to Singapore Immigration where the fun began. When Sharlie was called forward to pass through her passport wouldn’t scan although the lady only tried it once, this seemed to mean that she was some sort of threat to the country so she was taken away to speak to the officials for almost 45 minutes, during which our bus left (with our Lonely Planet guide, a book I was reading and Sharlie’s sarong on it) meaning we’d have to make our own way to the bus station.

She was eventually allowed in but with a visa for only the 4 days we would be there for some reason, we caught a local bus to the bus terminal which was cheap but added another hour to our travel time but we eventually got ourselves to our home for 4 nights, Bunc. Bunc is a hostel but a posh one, we had a double bed in a dorm of 12, we had a decent sized locker under the bed which the rucksacks fitted in comfortably and the showers and toilets were really clean, apart from being a bit hot on the first night it was a good place to stay, about 10 mins walk to the nearest MRT station.

The tube system in Singapore is great and we used it to zoom around everyday, we got ourselves an EZ link card (like and Oyster card) to make it simpler but it was really easy to use.

We did loads of stuff in our few days,we got our Indonesia 60 day visas, the Singapore Flyer was amazing, the night time sky line was fantastic, Marina Bay Sands gave us more sky high views of Singapore but we got to enjoy a cocktail up there (don’t ask how much it cost!), Singapore Zoo was a great day out, most of the enclosures are open so there are no bars and the animals seem happy, the monkeys and apes were our favourites along with the Fragile Forest zone which housed flying foxes, lemurs and lots of other little creatures – it was great.

We spent our last full day at Universal Studios ( a birthday treat for me!) and we got a beautiful day , cloudless and hot all day long. It’s no the biggest park but we managed to get on everything we wanted several times, our favourites were the Cylon Battlestar Galactica roller coaster and the Mummy ride – we got on them 3 times! The Transformers ride was also good and we really enjoyed the Shrek 4D show.

Singapore is a great place, quite pricey through, some things are the same as at home but alcohol is really expensive (apart from in the Indian places) the transport system is top notch and the people friendly – apart from at Immigration!

Next stop is Indonesia and back to beaches and islands!!

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