We lika Melaka

We lika Melaka
Melaka, Malaysia

Melaka, Malaysia

We spent 2 nights in Melaka at Old Town Guesthouse, it was a really nice, family style guest house which operates on an honesty scheme so you just jot down what you have out the fridge, it was like staying with the family as we all shared the communal areas, it’s run by a French guy and his wife and numerous little kids, our room was light and airy and had a fantastically comfy bed. After a hectic few days in KL it was great to just put our feet up, put the air con on and just chill out – after getting antibiotics from the pharmacy for Sharlie’s infected toe.

There’s a fair bit to see in Melaka so after checking in we ventured out for a walk and saw the nice riverside area and then spied to observation tower which we promptly bought tickets for, views from the top were spectacular and as it rotated we could see most of the town. We then headed back to the riverside and took a sunset cruise, Sharlie enjoyed the trip back more as she actually got to see things as on the way out a really nice Malaysian guy was chatting to her non-stop, it was good though and seeing things at sunset was a bonus.

We ate at the food court across the road from the guest house and enjoyed a plate of pork and rice for just 90p and cheap(ish) beer too, it was a nice end to the day.

Our second day was spent exploring the shopping malls (for the air con), we would have gone to see a film but we didn’t want to risk it being hacked to bits by the censors so we didn’t really do much, we had a lovely meal that night though at a Portuguese Malaysian restaurant where we got to have wine, lovely chilled white wine! It was pricey but worth it, the food was nice too!

Next day we headed to Singapore, getting there would prove interesting….

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