Tropical Tioman

Tropical Tioman
Pulau Tioman, Malaysia

Pulau Tioman, Malaysia

** again most pics lost 😦 **

Tioman was the next stop on our East Coast trip, we caught a bus to Kuantan where, unfortunately Sharlie managed to scrape the top off her toe, before a connecting bus took us to Mersing where we caught the ferry.

Tioman was not what we were expecting, we thought it would be more built up than it was, the beach we were stayed on was quite small but perfectly formed and we were near the beach bar which was a great place to unwind and did excellent pizzas.

It was really pricey to get around the island, it cost more than the ferry (55kms) to go around the island on a taxi boat, so we were a little limited to what we could do we did however manage a walk to the airport duty free shop ( hello cheap bottle of gin!) and did another snorkelling trip which was probably the best we’ve done.

Again the water was crystal clear but we saw a small turtle off a beach, it was special as it was only the two of us there as we went quite far out, was saw teams of fish and managed to watch a Black Tip Reef shark for a couple of minutes – awesome!

The place we stayed was nice and cheap (50 rm or £10 per night) and from the veranda we could see monkeys and squirrels and at dusk bats seemed to play tag just above our heads, we really liked Tioman, it seems to have a good balance of nature, beach and nice people, it was also our last island til Indonesia, next stop the big city KL!

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