Perhentian Paradise

Perhentian Paradise
Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia

Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Malaysia

Short entry as we’re so behind – soz!

We had a great on Perhentian Kecil or Small Island, Long Beach is really nice, white sand and crystal clear water and a good bar scene after sundown. The journey there was a bit hair raising, we travelled from Cameron Highlands in a shared car where we met Kate and Amy from NZ and Lyla from Canada and together we endured a scary 6 hour journey along winding roads driven by a guy who, by his own admission, hadn’t driven the car before, and at one point scraped the underside on the side of the road as he “lost his concentration”!

Anyway we made it one piece regardless, finding accommodation was the next task and after trekking around the beach for 30 minutes in the searing heat (while Sharlie lounged in a restaurant!) we eventually settled on a room at a little place away from the beach, we stayed there for 2 nights before moving to Mohsin where we had more room and a better view.

We met up with our new friends from the car and proceeded to have some ok food at a beach restaurant before discovering the local spirit,Monkey Juice, drinking lots of it, puffing on sheesha and generally having a good time til 4 am – the hangover the next day was not pleasant!

While there we did a snorkelling trip which was fantastic, the water around the island is really clear so visibility is great, we saw a couple of turtles, countless types of fish and even sharks! (vegetarian ones)

We spent most evenings at either a little reggae bar called the Monkey Bar or at the rowdy beach bars – either way it was good fun and we met lots of great people, from Perhentian we decided we needed to see more of Malaysia’s islands so headed for little Pulau Kapas.

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