Penang, Malaysia

Penang, Malaysia

We had a couple of options for getting to Penang, a ferry, which took hours, or fly, which took not hours, so we flew (sorry mother nature).

We stayed at the Tune Hotel and for 3 nights paid the princely sum of £20! The room was tiny but the bed was comfy and clean as was the bathroom and free internet in the lobby, they also had fantastic massage chairs there too, for 1 RM we got a 3 minute back and shoulder massage, it really felt like there was a little person inside the chair kneading you!

We didn’t do a massive amount in Georgetown, we went up Penang Hill via a very fast funicular train and admired the views over the city – there was a little aviary at the top too which we popped into – and visited Fort Kornwallis which was a bit boring to tell the truth, there wasn’t much there and it looked a bit run down. We did do some great shopping though and managed to get supplies for our next destination, the Cameron Highlands, an umbrella, thick socks, a proper towel and a mini electric fan for Sharlie, excellent shopping indeed!

Our favourite thing to do was eat and drink and luckily for us Georgetown has a Little India area which meant we had lovely curry and tandoori chicken meals each night really cheaply, 2 meals and 2 drinks came in at less than £5 and they were big meals. We spent the evenings at a little reggae bar who had a policy of not letting anyone sit on their own so when other people arrived they were sat with us, it was really nice as we met lots of nice people from Japan, Holland, Switzerland and Ireland over a couple of nights as well as discovering a taste for Jaz, a Malaysian beer – yum!

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