Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi was our first stop in Malaysia, we’d been there briefly before but hadn’t done any exploring so we were looking forward to seeing what it had to offer. We booked a room at the Fave Hotel, it’s quite new, only opened last year and it was very nice.Our room had air con, cable tv – with movies – we watched George of the Jungle- and a pool! It claims to be a swimming pool but at it’s deepest it was only 1.7 metres deep so more of a paddling pool, it was nice to cool off in it after a day’s sightseeing though.

We had our most touristy couple fo days for a while in Langkawi, our arrival day was spent checking out the beach and getting our bearings, must say the beach was a little disappointing, it’s just coming up to monsoon season so it was a bit grubby, what was more annoying though was that the beach was full of jetskis and people trying to sell us rides on them, we must have been asked a dozen times in 10mins if we wanted to hire one when we only wanted to have a nice quiet walk.

Last time we came to the island we spotted the cable car high up in the hills and decided that if we came back we’d go on it so that’s what we did the next day. The cable car takes you up over 700 meters above sea level, it was really steep in parts too on the way up, there’s a sky walk there too but unfortunately it was closed for our visit, the views from the top were breathtaking – well worth the nerve jangling climb up.

We spent the afternoon at Underwater World, a large aquarium/nature centre, it wasn’t the best place of that sort we’ve been to but it was fun for a bit.

Langkawi is a duty free island so in theory things are cheaper, must say we didn’t really find this to be true unless you were buying things from the duty free shops dotted around – think airport shop but not in an airport – toblerones and booze a plenty! We ate at a Chinese place a couple of times and had some great food there including our first taste of Mantis prawns, some of which we’d seen earlier in the aquarium!

We did a boat trip on our last full day which included a trip to Pregnant Maiden Lake, a fresh water lake which legend has it helps you get pregnant if you take a sip (no sips were taken!), we then saw sea eagles feeding followed by a trip to a nice little island for a cooling swim, it was only a half day trip, it didn’t cost much and was fun.

From Langkawi we headed for Penang!

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