Loving Lipe

Loving Lipe
Koh Lipe, Thailand

Koh Lipe, Thailand

The ferry over from Lanta was an experience! The sea was quite rough so we were buffeted about quite a bit and half way there we hit heavy rain and got soaked through – we had ponchos but somebody (Sharlie!) thought it was a good idea to pack them in a rucksack rather than a little bag we had access to…….but we arrived in one piece just slightly damp.

We’ve been to Lipe before about 2 years ago so we were keen to seen how little or how much it had changed – we definitely noticed more resorts on both Sunrise and Pattay beach and some of the more rustic bungalows have been replaced by more expensive places, there are even swimming pools now, the Walking Street area didn’t look to have changed too much though.

Due to the low tide we were dropped off on the Sunrise Beach side of the island so we had a sweaty 15 min walk through the island to Pattay Beach – in our opinion the best one – a lot of places were closed due to it being low season but we found a really nice room at Lipe Resort.

There isn’t a whole lot of things to do on Lipe apart from laze around the lovely beaches – so that’s what we did! The water is crystal clear, it was like swimming in a pool and the full moon meant we got some really high tides so we got plenty of opportunity to swim too. The weather was a bit changeable though and we did get some rain on a couple of evenings and on our last full day although swimming in the sea while it was tipping down was a nice experience.

On one evening while enjoying beers at the reggae bar we watched as lightening flashed from 3 separate storms in the distance marvelling at how lovely it was – at 3 am when one hit the island it wasn’t so lovely as it brought heavy rain, really loud thunder and best of all wind that brought down a chunk of tree onto our bungalow damaging the roof and scaring us half to death!

There’s lots of wildlife on the island and we saw tiny little frogs, big grasshoppers and one rat! There are lots of dogs on the island too, they technically belong to some of the restaurants and resorts but they freely roam the beach having fun and the occasional swim, we made friends with a couple who came to sit with us – Sharlie christened our blonde friend Lady and she enjoyed pulling apart her bamboo fan on our last night – just for fun.

Our second visit to Lipe was nice although we would have perhaps enjoyed it a bit more if there were more places open, it was particularly difficult to find somewhere for lunch for some reason, but we had some great times enjoying the fire shows and cold beers

Lipe was our last stop in Thailand and luckily for us the boat to Langkawi, Malaysia was still running, we booked our tickets and hoped for nice weather for the voyage!

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