Rainy Ao Nang

Rainy Ao Nang
Ao Nang, Thailand

Ao Nang, Thailand

As Lanta was so quiet we decided we needed somewhere a bit more lively (there’s no pleasing us, it’s either too quiet or too busy!) and Ao Nang fitted the bill as it wasn’t too far away -2 hours via mini bus, we’d seen a nice place online that had some cheap prices due to low season but it was full, well the cheap rooms were gone anyway, but across the road was another we liked the look of, Sabai Mansion, which at 590 baht for an air con room with cable tv and a pool was a bargain.

The beach there was better, nice and sandy and the views were breathtaking, they’ve kept the developments off the beach so it looks almost untouched too. One end of the beach has a troop of monkeys patrolling it, we went for a look but they were quite aggressive, they charged at us! Luckily we didn’t have any food unlike another guy we saw who had a big one climbing on him to get into his bag!

Ao Nang’s the first place were the weather has affected our plans, it rained every day we were there so we spent some time swimming in the pool in the rain (refreshing!) and taking a brolly and ponchos with us whenever we went for a walk but still managed to have a nice time.

Another good thing about low season is that most bars and restaurants were offering discounts on food and drink – up to 30%, it would have been rude not to at those prices and we enjoyed some great and some not so great food for a bargain price, Sharlie also enjoyed several happy hour margaritas, passion fruit, apple and peach , raspberry and straight ones went down the hatch – yum!

After dinner drinks are well catered for too, there’s a complex called Centre Point that houses several bars and clubs all desperate for custom (one flyer advertised that they had no prostitutes in there!) so on our first evening we had BOGOFF drinks and free shots at one place before enjoying cheap drinks and a live band at the Longhorn Lounge. The band were great and played a variety of rock and pop covers as well as some country and western! Honourable mention for Mr Cock’s street bar – we had a couple of beers with him, such a great concept – set up some chairs on the pavement, have a truck full of drinks parked up and sell from there – genius!

We got tickets from Ao Nang to Koh Lipe for a decent price although it was quite a journey!

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