Phissed in Phi Phi

Phissed in Phi Phi
Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

Ko Phi Phi Don, Thailand

We thought Phi Phi was going to be busier than where we’d been before but we weren’t quite prepared for quite how hectic it was, we’d read that accommodation on the island was not the best and pretty expensive but we didn’t think it would be a problem – it was! Places we thought we could afford were around 2500 to 3500 baht (£50-£70) per night, as we were planning on staying 3 nights that wasn’t really feasible. After much traipsing and sweating we managed to find a place for 800n baht – it wasn’t great – we had no outside window and it backed onto beach bars (hello ear plugs) – but we had air con, icy air con! Once checked we headed out and booked a trip for the next day then got some grub and got ****** on cheap buckets and had our pictures taken with some cute monkeys

That night it rained for hours and when we woke up it was still tipping it down and the path to our guest house was flooded, luckily the rain stopped minutes before we had to leave for our day trip so we only got wet feet. The trip was an all day affair and we left shortly after 10 for Shark Point our first snorkeling venue, it was a bit scary as the water was really choppy as it wasn’t too far from the bay with lots of boats and going – we’d taken our own snorkels this time as the ones on the last trip weren’t great – but we didn’t see any sharks.

After that we headed for Bamboo Island, snorkeling here was better plus we got to jump off the plank on the boat – Sharlie was the second person to have a go! We saw lots of different fish while we were there, we got some footage on the waterproof camcorder but we’ll have to upload it when we get good internet. We had lunch on the boat – it was a tray of fried rice – not fantastic especially as we’d had no brekkie and were starving and it was made with egg and Sharlie hates egg!

We then headed past Mosquito Island, we didn’t stop here before we headed to Monkey Beach for more snorkeling and monkeys unsurprisingly – we got 1 out of 2. After swimming to the shore expecting a primate bonanza we were disappointed as there was not a monkey to be seen so after a short walk we got back to fish spotting.

Next stop was Viking Cave where we saw people harvesting bird’s nests – a kilo reaches up to 20,000 baht, it’s made into soup which is a delicacy – can’t say I’d fancy a bowlful myself as it’s mostly made of bird spit but each to their own!

Last stop was snorkeling at a bay we can’t remember the name of but was connected to Maya Bay where The Beach was filmed. We got taken over the bay in a kayak and walked through to the beach there – despite the overcast weather it wa still a beautiful beach – white sand and tourquise water – we even got accosted by a crab while we were having a swim!

That was our last stop and we then headed back to enjoy the sunset near the pier at Phi Phi, it was pretty cloudy so it wasn’t the best view but the crew had decided to have a party anyway and after picking up some beers from a passing boat we all went a bid mad at the front of the boat as the sun went down – all in all a great day!

After an action packed day and 1 mega night we decided to bid goodbye to Phi Phi and hello to Koh Lanta.

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