Back in BKK!

Back in BKK!
Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

We caught a bus from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh and flew from there to Bangkok with Air Asia, the guy who picked us up for the bus had a laughing fit when he collected us then went to the travel agent where we booked thinking he had 2 more to pick up when it was us, doesn’t sound too funny but he was in stitches! he told us what happened and everyone else he collected – made us chuckle!

Our arrival in Bangkok went a lot smoother than last time – it took us over 2 hours to clear immigration last time – we were through and in a taxi on the way to our hotel on the Khao San Road within an hour- great stuff!

We stayed at Rikka Inn right in the middle of the action, considering the location the room was really quiet. We got plenty of stuff done while there, we posted home the mah jhong set we’d been lugging around since Phnom Penh, bought some new clothes, Sharlie got a nice pedicure again and a hair cut!

We stayed 3 nights and enjoyed getting to various states of merriness on all of them – buckets will be our downfall! We tried something new too – shisha! We got an apple flavoured pipe which we enojyed puffing on although it made us a bit light headed after a while! We really enjoy the live music the bars put on, usually a guitar player/singer but we saw a really good group play one evening at a place called On The Roof we had a great night.

We wanted to head down south to Koh Phanang and thought we’d book the overnight train and ferry with Lomprayah who enjoy a good reputation online but our experience wasn’t great – they told us the train was booked up for best part of a week – a blatant lie as we’d checked online so we booked it ourselves and just got the ferry ticket from them and managed to get scammed out of the fare for the pick up from the train station – only 100 baht (£2) but seriously annoying!

We had over 7 hours to kill before our train after checking out so we had the great idea of using the free baggage drop at the MBK mall and spent the day there – we watched The Raven at the cinema there too – very good – popcorn and drink is really cheap there too, around £1 for huge drink or popcorn although we can’t recommend cheese flavour!

Our train to Chumphon was a different design to the one we’d ridden previously so were a little concerned when we initially boarded but once the beds were sorted it was fine – we do enjoy Thai trains, they serve food and beer and the toilets are clean – excellent.

Once in Chumphon and after the sourness fo having to pay for the transfer again we caught a lovely posh bus to the ferry and got on the catamaran that would take us on the 3 and 34 hour journey to Koh Phanang and our first Thai island for over 2 years since our last visit.

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