Kep, Cambodia

Kep, Cambodia

After a 4 hour bus journey (starting to hate buses…) we arrived in lovely Kep, a small town on the coast, we booked into Treetop Bungalows and got a great room up a tree with lovely views of the gardens and the sea in the distance, they grow lots of fruit there including, unfortunately for me , durian, the smelliest fruit in the world . ever.

We hired bikes and explored the little town, we visited the crab market and watched ladies filling their bags directly from the submerged crab traps, we saw some lovely abandoned villas – empty since the troubles ended – and in our heads decided which one we’d have and generally sweated a lot in the intense heat. Kep is a lovely place, one of our favourites so far, it’s still very quiet although there are signs of an impending tourist boom, roads are being upgraded and new hotels are springing up, surely it won’t be long before the Russians arrive and buy everything up – that will be a sad day. Catch it while you can.

Kep is also the jumping off point for Koh Tunsay or Rabbit island and we headed there next, we decided to stay over in one of the basic bungalows, a bargain at $8, basic though means no fan or electricity most of the time, no basin or flushing loo only a bed and mozzie net but what more do you need!

The island is really laid back not much to do but enjoy the surroundings and laze around, the beach was yards away from our bungalow which stood in a nice clearing, we later spent some time laying there drinking red wine we’d brought with looking at the stars and making friends with the local pack of friendly dogs. We ate at our place and the food was surprisingly good, Sharlie had some delicious crabs which we saw the guy go collect from the sea – super fresh!

Continuing the costal theme our next destination is Sihanoukville

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