Phnom Penh – sickness and sadness

Phnom Penh – sickness and sadness
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We spent 3 nights in PP at a place called Local 2 which advertises itself as a boutique hotel, red painted walls and a sliding bathroom door though do not a boutique make and we were really disappointed with it considering the price we’d paid, we don’t usually moan but the room was smelly as it attracted all the kitchen smells, the air con unit was situated above some cladding which blocked the flow of cold air and the bathroom was just partitioned from the bedroom – the wall didn’t reach the ceiling so any semblance of privacy was a non starter – not good if you’re not too well which we weren’t.

I’d since got a bad tum so now it was my turn to not be able to eat anything, feel sick and not be too far from a convenience. As neither of us felt like doing much we whiled away the first couple of days in our room – probably why we noticed so many negative things about it. On day 3 we both felt better and we booked a trip to see the Killing Field and the S21 building, something everyone who comes to Cambodia should experience, it really puts things in perspective especially when you realise how relatively recently the horrific events happened. S21 was a difficult place to be, seeing the cells where people were tortured before being sent to the killing fields to die was harrowing, we found the pictures of victims especially difficult to look at, knowing that all the faces looking back at us had been killed, some of them children was almost too much. It didn’t feel right to take pictures so we didn’t. The afternoon was an emotionally draining one but we were both glad we’d learned about what happened here.

We weren’t too impressed with PP to be honest, probably because we both felt unwell for portions of our time there and our hotel was **** but we’re popping back in a while for our flight to Bangkok so it has a chance to redeem itself, next stop was Kep – back to the beach!

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