Mekong views at Chiang Khong

Mekong views at Chiang Khong
Chiang Khong, Thailand

Chiang Khong, Thailand

Just a quick note about our stay at Chiang Khong. Our guest house was fantastic, we had a bungalow with a huge balcony with views of the river we’d shortly be on for 2 days to Luang Prabang, there’s not a huge amount of things to do in the town so we spent our day and a half there mostly reading and exploring a little.

We ate at our guest house as we couldn’t really find any restaurants but the food was delicious especially the pineapple curry. Chiang Khong is usually a one night stopover for folks but deserves a bit more time if you have it.

When we left we got a lift to the immigration office where we were stamped out of Thailand and we caught a ferry across the river to Laos where we joined the scrum ( really, it was a scrum!) to get our visas before getting on the boat for our 2 day 1 night journey!

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