Old guys and young Thai’s in Chiang Rai !!!!

Old guys and young Thai's in Chiang Rai !!!!
Chiang Rai, Thailand

Chiang Rai, Thailand

We arrived in Chiang Rai after travelling on the Green Bus these buses are fantastic they give you free water , peanut biscuits and also a wet wipe , so in our opinion they were 1st class!! The journey took around 3 and half hours but the bus was aircon so it was a pleasent trip. We had booked somewhere to stay or should I say Ed had and he did a really good job beacause it was really nice. We later found out it was in the loney planet and it was a good job he had booked it because they turned about 5 people away while we checked in as they were full. It’s a little of the main tourist area but not far. Walking about the nearest bars and restaurant I felt a little strange as they were full and really old men( so ed fitted in lol ) with really young thai ladys although i’d seen this in Chiang Mai , it seemed slightly seedy and made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

Sharlie was writing this but has fallen asleep so it falls to me to finish off, we had 2 nights in Chaing Rai and we enjoyed our stay, on the first day we had a bit of an explore and saw the Clock Tower and generally just chilled out. We ate both nights at the night market which is probably our favourite so far, the food hall area was fantastic, loads of stalls set up with all kinds of delicious food from noodles and rice to more exotic fare like insects and what looked like pig guts – something for everyone! Sharlie was most excited when she spotted the sushi stall and we shared more than 1 plate of lovely sushimi and other rolls as well as plenty of meat on sticks and Singhas.

Entertainment is provided onstage too with guitar strumming singers and dancing ladies (I think) keeping us amused,all in all we really enjoyed our time at the market, we even bought ourselves a souvenir which is a first!

On our second day we went to the White Temple, a contemporary Buddhist temple, and it was well worth the visit, the pure white exterior is intricately carved but inside (where photography is not allowed) was real surprise as alongside traditional Buddhist images were illustrations of cartoon characters, films stars and loads of other modern images. It’s the life work of a local artist
Chalermchai Kositpipat.

We headed next to Chiang Khong, buses left the bus station minutes from our guest house every 30 mins – it wasn’t quite as flash as the bus from Chiang Mai!

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