Bangkok Baby!

Bangkok Baby!
Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

After an uneventful flight we landed at Bangkok’s pristine airport, we landed early so thought we’d soon be in our hotel ready to explore…………but we queued in the line for immigration for nearly as long as our flight from India! It 2 hours to have our passports checked – annoying!

We got a pre paid taxi to our hotel, where first on the agenda was a cool shower then getting reacquainted with our old friend Mr Chang! Our hotel room was one of the nicest we had and we’re not ashamed to say it had air con!

We had 3 nights in Bangkok and intended doing lots of sightseeing but ended up spending most of our time eating with a bit of drinking in between – we’re planning on returning later in our trip so we’ll do all the sights then.

Our hotel was about 15 mins away from the Khao San area but there were lots of street stalls and restaurants along the way, one of the great things about the area is that you can buy a bottle of beer from a cool box and stroll around with it – just what you need as the humidity is quite high – leading to frizzy hair!

We forgot the camera the first night (so not too many Bangkok pics) as we planned on a short walk to get our bearings but ended up having a boozy binge on the Khao San Road, it was a shame as that night we did lots of things which would have been cool to have taken photos of, we had a fish spa – it wasn’t like the ones at home with about 20 tiny fish in it – this had about 200 and man did it tickle!

After a few Changs we spotted a stall selling insects, unsure of what to try we had a mix! In went meal worms, locusts, some kind of beetle and lovely little fried frogs – we weren’t brave (drunk) enough to try a fried cockroach. They were crispy and crunchy, the meal worms tasted a bit like mussels, the locust were nice and salty, our favourites were the frogs though. Although we were drunk, we still thoroughly enjoyed them, so much so we had some more the next might.

Bangkok is renown for it’s shopping so the next day we decided to hit one of the massive shopping malls, we went to one called MBK, which had 8 floors! We wandered around for a while a bit overawed by the scale of the place and the amount of stalls and shops. We found in the gaming center a 4D virtual rider which was only 90 baht each so we had a go – it was like being on a roller coaster while watching a scary film as we chose the haunted house film.

We treated ourselves to a movie at the cinema too, we went VIP which meant we received a nice warm blanket (as the air con is fierce) and a free drink of some kind of squash. The seats were really plush recliners like Lazy Boys. After standing for the national anthem which is played before all films we watched Chronicle which was entertaining.

The next day was a bit of a write off as we didn’t leave our room til around 4 pm as we’d had a pretty heavy session the night before and were feeling the effects, we decided we needed a bit of pampering so we headed out for a foot massage (Ed) and pedicure (Sharlie), both of which were fantastic and now Sharlie has the prettiest feet she’s ever had!

We decided we felt refreshed enough to have even more beer, during the evening we met a couple of guys from Birmingham, Mark and Chris, who kindly let us try some of their shisha pipe – didn’t make us cough too much!

After checking out we whiled away the day pampering ourselves with more foot massages before heading to the station to catch our sleeper train to Chiang Mai in the evening. As we’d checked out hours before and had been out all day we were a bit hot and sticky so braved the showers at the station, the ladies’ one was a bit grubby but the mens’ was pleasant enough and we both emerged feeling more human and ready to face our night train which we’d be on for 14 hours!!!

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