Palolem Paradise

Palolem Paradise
Palolem, India

Palolem, India


We haven’t really done too much since the last post but to make things easier for when we get the train to Kerala next week we decided to see some of the the beaches in the south. They are a different kettle of fish , a lot quieter and I suppose as I remembered the north all those years ago. There don’t seem to be any hawkers or sellers on the beach so the hassle is a lot less , which we are enjoying!

We are in a place called Palolem and it is very beautiful. We haven’t really done much but a bit as I like to call it baking and lots of dips.We have also hired a double kayak which was fun although we weren’t too good at synchronized paddling and also hired bikes, thats bicycles as we both are not brave enough for the real bikes and we have seen quite a few injuries from them already.

The 1st place we stayed was a bit of a strange set up and not really what we were looking for so after a couple of night and the worlds worst shower we moved closer to the beach ,although it was more expensive the view from our tree house was worth it.


Palolem is probably my favourite place in Goa so far, the balance is just right, the beach is great and there are plenty of restaurants and shops selling everything you might need but no hawkers and, unlike Bag, no hordes of people trying to get you to their sunbeds or take a spin on a jetski.

When we first arrived I got coerced into looking at some rooms by a bloke who approached us off the bus which is why we ended up at the ****** first place, the shower was probably the worst bit about it, all we had was a trickle of cold water, we couldn’t even get under it! We upgraded after a couple of nights to our current abode which is about a hundred fold more comfortable, not only do we have a proper shower – with hot water if required! – but we have a nice little balcony area where we’ve enjoyed some drinks and a great view of the beach, it’s great to fall asleep to the sound of the waves although not so nice to wake up to the screeching of crows and barking dogs- mother nature gets up early!

While we’ve been here we have done a little more than sunbathe, as Sharlie mentioned we hired a double sea kayak the other day – we’ve never been on one before so it was a learning experience for us both! We had fun paddling around though and he view of the beach from the sea was worth the exertion.

I’ve also braved a visit to the local barbers and have had a shave and haircut for the princely sum of 120 rps! According to Sharlie my new buzzcut style hairdo make me look like one of the many Russian tourists who seem to like Goa as much as us Brits! He was about to use the clippers as I’d asked when the power went which happens quite frequently here so he did the whole lot with just scissors which I found mightily impressive, the shave was probably the closest I’ve had, it was with a cut throat razor type contraption with disposable blades, he did a great job although he shortened my sideburns to a level they haven’t been at for years, i also had to hold in a girly whimper when he applied something that felt like acid to my freshly shorn face when he’d finished!

We hired bicycles yesterday and rode to the nearest town, Chaudi, as I had a sticky eye, we got some drops from the pharmacy then headed to nearby Patnem beach, it’s about 1km from where we are, the plan was to go there today but we got carried away with the cheap gin last night and felt a bit delicate this morning so it’s been postponed probablt til tomorrow, gin dependent of course.

We have a few more days here before our train to Kerala, next update will probably come from there, adios!

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