Feeling hot in Goa

Feeling hot in Goa
Mandrem, India

Mandrem, India

So I’m back in Goa , and after 6 years it has changed a lot , it’s a lot more developed, more expensive and the Russians were only just starting to come here 6 years ago but they appear to have taken over now! However one of the things that have stayed the same is its beauty and they way a place can almost totally take me over , it reminds me why I always came to Goa and why I loved it then and again I am loving it now.

For those of you how know me Goa held a lot of memories .It was in Goa 7 years ago that I started to become the person I am today and some of it was about the place, the people but for me it signalled new beginnings. I’m loving all those memories but what I’m really loving is creating new ones with someone I love very much and makes me the best person I can be xx

So enough of the mushy stuff, what have we been doing? Well we arrived after around 24 hours on the go and we were dog tired after a hair rising taxi ride we arrived at a beach called Mandrem which is near enough as north as you can go in Goa. I’d been here 7 years ago with my mum on a boat trip and we had always said we would have loved to have stayed here in one of the coco huts at the time there only appeared to be 3 beach operations.

Fast forward to now there is a far few more but not so many that it destroys the beach and of that I’m glad, we hadn’t booked anywhere to stay and as you can imagine after no sleep I just wanted to find some.

By the time we got to the beach it was only around 8 am so all the places were just waking up, however the first place we found, was not up to Ed’s standards as there was no mossie net (and to be honest it was a bit **** but I was knackered so Ii wasn’t fussing and I’d got the price down from 1000rps to 500rps) so we walked for around a mile, with our or should I say my heavy as **** backpack on!!! , and we managed to find a room not far off the beach with a great view and a great restaurant. That’s were we have been for the last 4 days and it has been heaven , it’s been around 30 every day and I and Ed have been splashing in the sea , sun bathing and relaxing, I can see why people spend weeks here it’s so easy to get lost , we have found ourselves wondering what day it is! Never mind what the time is lol

The beach is so beautiful, although the sea is not clear (were saving the snorkelling for Thailand) it has some wicked waves which were both enjoying riding in-between drinking kingfisher and eating some amazing fish. Like I said it’s easy to get caught up in it so easy for us to spend our 3 weeks here and here alone but, the traveller in me says no, in a couple of days we head to Anjuna, hippie central, or so I’ve been told!

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