A Few Days in Udaipur

A Few Days in Udaipur
Udaipur, India

Udaipur, India


So our bus ride was the luxury bus ride from hell, we’d spoken to a German couple the night before who warned us not to sit at the back seat of the bus. Low and behold when we board the bus we are ushered right down to the back sit in the middle, so we get a great view of driving Indian style, let’s just say Ed’s face was a little green. I was trying to read my kindle but in-between the twists and turn and the bumps this was near enough impossible.

There were 5 people crammed into our row which was made for 4 so it was very cosy. Another couple were sitting on one of the lower bunks and were very upset about the sitting arrangements are got into a heated discussion over it , I wasn’t happy but nothing u can do.

The journey took around 6 ½ hours and by that time I was in desperate need of a shower as all the windows had been open and we were both covered in dust.

When we arrived at the hotel Monolisa it felt like a bit of déjà vu as the hotel didn’t seem to know we were coming, and I thought this is the Blue house all over again, however the difference being the hotel appears almost deserted and we are the only guest, so having a room was no problem but it being clean was, no biggie this is India and it was also one of the cheapest rooms we could find in Udaipur.

We have decided that travelling days no matter how far or short our trip should be just that and not to stress about not achieving anything, a good tip from some fellow travellers and its working for us.

We had planned 3 nights in Udaipur , so that night we starting looking at are next travel plans , we needed to get from Udaipur to Mumbai, something we really should have sorted out before now! So yes all the trains were sold out and Ed and I didn’t really fancy another bus trip for 16 hours with not enough room to breathe so flights it was and we also booked flights to Goa while we were at it. But as we had left it too late again we were stuck in Udaipur until Tuesday, another 2 days. No the flip side Udaipur is a really chilled out city, and has a bigger traveller scene then we were expecting, so there is a lot of chillaxing. We have also been offered Bang lassi’s daliy, Opium and Hash (Don’t worry Mummy I’ve not taken them up on it yet lol)

There is not a great deal to do in Udaipur and we have kind of enjoyed that cus its meant for the first time in 2 weeks it has felt like we are on a holiday. I have really enjoyed travelling around Rajasthan but it’s also really hard work! And it’s been really nice just to sit, and drink a couple of kingfishers. I’ve even done a bit of shopping and I’m the proud owner of ali baba trousers , I may christen them clown trousers cus they are so bright and I feel a bit of a clown in them !


As mentioned the bus journey was not fun, in hindsight it’s one of those things I’m glad we’ve done – can’t say I’d fancy doing it again though! We only paid around £3 each for the journey though and we got to sample a bit of how everyday people here travel – including toilet breaks at the side of the road, fine for me, not so good for Sharlie.

Udaipur is a really nice city, we thought we initially thought we were far from the main lake area, Lal Ghat, but turns out we’re only a short walk away from everything.

Having a few days here has been nice, we’ve done all the main touristy things, visited the City Palace, had a quick boat trip – quick tip catch the boats from the Rameshwar Ghat area, we paid local prices of 200rps each for 20 mins which was plenty- the cable car is also within walking distance of there, we were surprised this wasn’t mentioned in Lonely Planet as it was really cheap – 70rps to the top and back- although the ticket seller presumed as westerners we wouldn’t want to share so we ended up paying for 4 tickets and having a car to ourselves.

The views from the top, think it’s called Sunset Point , are fantastic, you can see the lakes and see the scale of the city, there’s also a cafe at the top – local prices too!

As in Jodhpur the people here are very friendly and we can’t walk anywhere without several shouts of “good morning”, “Namaste” or “where you from”, one thing I’ve learned is not to wear T-shirts with slogans as for 2 days my name was In The Mix as emblazoned on my top!

Of course most of the people that stop us to chat eventually want to show us their shop or sell us something but it’s quite light-hearted and we haven’t felt under pressure at any time and we have bought some stuff, I got a pair of flip flops today for 70rps – I can finally take my trek shoes off much to Sharlie’s joy as they stink!

We’ve also enjoyed the food here, everything we’ve had has been delicious, the restaurants are nicely chilled out and we’ve managed to avoid watching Octopussy which is on at most places every night as it was filmed around Udaipur. Our favourite snack has been fresh samosas from a seller outside our hotel, 5rps each, they make a perfect mid morning snack – very spicy though – we declined the offer of an additional chilly to go with them!

On a beard related note this is the longest I’ve gone without shaving ever, must say I quite like it, my moustache has joined up with the main part which hasn’t happened before! I’ve had to pluck the odd white bristle out though!

I’m quite proud that we packed stuff that’s come in useful so far, things I wasn’t too sure about like a travel washing line, a multi tool with a knife and bottle opener (most important!) and sleeping bag liners have been godsends and made what could have been difficult situations more bearable – well done us!

Next stop Mumbai/Goa!

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