Blue City Blue House Blues , Jodhpur

Blue City Blue House Blues , Jodhpur
Jodhpur, India

Jodhpur, India


We’ve decided to write our own bits…


I wasn’t looking forward to the train to Jodhpur to be honest as I didn’t particularly enjoy the previous ones but I was pleasantly surprised as there was plenty of space on this one. I had a window to stick my head out of like a dog in a car and I was having fun feeling the breeze on my face before what I think were spots of someone else’s wee landed on me!

Sharlie had her Kindle to keep her occupied so I caught with writing my journal after some gentle persuasion from her, it was good to write stuff down as it’s easy to forget the little details.

The 5 12 hour journey went pretty quickly and we arrived precisely on time – take note London Midland! We had arranged to be picked up by our hotel and true to their word after a short wait they duly obliged, we had to share with another couple though – squeezing 4 people and luggage into 1 rickshaw! Our check in wouldn’t be so straightforward though….

We booked 2 nights at the Blue House, first impression were great and the rooftop restaurant has good views ofthe fort. Turns out we didn’t have a room for that night as apparently someone hadn’t checked out as they were ill, Sharlie didn’t believe them! Anyway they offered to put us up somewhere else for that night which we agreed to but it took ages to sort, we had some dinner with the couple we met earlier, Lisa and Richard from Canada – or Canadia if you’re Sharlie, at the Blue House but by the time we made it to the new place we were tired and a bit grumpy, the room was nice and airy and had a great view of the fort.

We only had 1 full day in Jodhpur and we planned to see the fort, so after a decent night’s sleep and after finally getting a room at Blue House, we got a tuck tuck up there. The views from the top were amazing and again it was hot!!

We explored the markets for a while and I tried a papaya lassi while Sharlie had a rather orangy sweet lemon juice, was only 60rps (about 80p) for the 2 though.

We had a cold beer back at the hotel and I managed to book our flights to Bangkok, slight change of plan as we’re going to fly from Mumbai now, it involves a bit of backtracking but we won’t miss too much and it’s saves some money.

It’s Republic Day in India today and they’re having a special celebratory meal in the restaurant which is where we’re off to in a bit!


Jodhpur is officially known as the Blue City and you can see why when you’re standing at the top of the Fort, the view from there is spectacular with lots of little blue houses scattered between the hustle and bustle. Although we only had 1 full day in Jodhpur I really enjoyed and it felt the most relaxed city we’d been to so far, more relaxed and less hassle.

I was expecting a little bit more fuss for Republic Day as I ‘d seen the preparations in Delhi and they looked like they were going to be spectacular so I was looking forward to our rooftop buffet at the Blue House. On reflection, Ed and I need to start asking how much things are before we agree to them coz the buffet costs us 500 rps each! However I got really excited when they brought out the mains and there was some lovely takha daal, some spinach and paneer and what looked like a lamb curry and a sausage curry, I’d been craving some meat so this looked like a fantastic feats to me! So I piled my plate high, sat down and tucked in, I thought the meat tasted kinda funny……then I realised it wasn’t meat… was mock meat yuck yuck yuck yuck!

I had the wash the taste down with quite a few more kingfishers so this soon filled me up, it’s a hard life! We should have gone to bed early but we stayed up drinking beer and looking at the beautiful view, our luxury bus to Udaipur was at 7 30 am but at least we were travelling in style, or at least we thought…….

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