Leaving meals, trains and puke!

Leaving meals, trains and puke!
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Departure has finally arrived and we are writing this from the comfort of our first class carriage en route to London, we’re both a little tired as a certain someone was up from 5 am with all the excitement!

We finally got the packing done this morning and I was pleasantly surprised to find I could actually lift Sharlie’s rucksack!

It’s been an emotional last couple of days as we’ve said our farewells to friends and family and now the adventure begins!

As Ed said before I was up at 5am but had been lying awake in bed since 2, I had got myself a little over excited so much so I was sick quite a few times , never happened to me before , so I’ve had some strong words with myself to stop being so silly , I’m just going on holiday !!!!!

So onwards and upwards into the sky we go , next stop India, New Delhi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ed and Sharlie xxxxx

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