Tick Tock

Tick Tock
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Birmingham, United Kingdom


So it was Ed’s last day at work today, and he is out celebrating with his work friends and I’m so jealous as I still have 10 working days left to go and one of those days is boxing day GRRRRR damm you Mr Bolland!

Still lots to do as I’ve got more jabs to have next week and the week after and yes I hear you I’m cutting it a bit fine. Ed as Mr Organised is all done and dusted, I think I’m in denial about all that is left to be done! I’m sure i’ll get it all sorted it’s just a head **** thinking about it.

Just on a count down to the 7th Jan D day for work and roll on the 16th Jan D day , for Delhi, whoo hoooooooooo.



Ed here, it’s true, I’ve jacked my job in – a decision that will prove to be either inspired or incredibly stupid – fingers crossed for the former! Thanks to all who contributed to my leaving pressies and night out – last one in Walsall for a long time!

More updates nearer take off time when the nerves will kick in I’m sure!


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